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Professional Violin


  • 14 Pro Animations. HUD Driven
  • 3 Bow speeds
  • Standing and Sitting Animations included.   Modifiable stool included.
  • Bow is Modifiable
Quick Start

1. Wear:

  • OD>> Violin
  • OD>> Violin HUD
  • OD>> Violin Bow

2. Adjust your grip by touching the violin and choosing one of the different grip options.  
3. Adjust your violin position as any other attachment.
4. You can also sit and play by rezzing the violin stool (included).

The HUD  

Stop.  Stops animations but leaves the violin at your chin.
Female "at rest" animation
Male "at rest" animation
Right hand bow speeds.  1=slow  2=medium  3=fast
Normal standing animations
Country hoe-down animations
Sitting animations.  To use these, rez the Violin Stool, sit, then use the yellow buttons.
Sit at-rest.   Use this to stop playing while sitting on the stool.
Violin up/down.  Raises the violin to your cheek, or drops it to your waist.
Adjust Grip Touch the violin and choose a grip.  This will move the position of the right hand so you can adjust according to your avatar