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Important Teleport Destinations

Ad BoardsAd boards for rent at OD Designs secondlife://OD Designs/155/127/33
AFFILIATE_VENDORSAffiliate Vendors. Sell OD Gear and make money. secondlife://OD Designs/151/113/22
BACK_PORCHOD's Famous Back Porch Concert Venue secondlife://OD Designs/25/36/23
BAND_HUBBand HUB. Connect with in-world bands and musicians secondlife://OD Designs/131/185/22
BUY_GIFT_CARDGift Cards For Sale secondlife://OD Designs/99/125/22
BUY_POINTSBuy OD Points secondlife://OD Designs/152/114/22
CENTRAL_GALLEYCenter Of The Main Store secondlife://OD Designs/136/123/19
CUSTOM_SHOPCustomize Your OD Guitar or Bass secondlife://OD Designs/119/128/22
Freebie GuitarGet Your Free Guitar Here secondlife://OD Designs/110/106/22
GIFT_CARD_REFILLRefill Your Gift Card Here secondlife://OD Designs/99/123/22
GOOGLE_CALENDARGoogle Linked Calendar secondlife://OD Designs/101/136/22
GOOGLE_CALENDAR_DEMOGoogle Calendar Demo secondlife://OD Designs/198/111/22
H2BH2B Bass Animation HUD secondlife://OD Designs/122/105/22
H2VH2V Vocal Animation HUD secondlife://OD Designs/128/153/22
H2XH2X Guitar Animation HUD secondlife://OD Designs/145/144/22
OD_LIVEOD Live. Live Music Venue secondlife://OD Designs/127/117/2703
ORINGThe O-Ring - Circular hallway that traverses around the entire store. secondlife://OD Designs/79/195/22
PAGER_BELLSPager Bells. Contact OD Staff Here secondlife://OD Designs/104/113/22
PRODUCT_REDELIVERYProduct Redelivery. Get a replacement for your missing OD gear. secondlife://OD Designs/151/112/22
SKY_PORCHSky Porch. Sky Concert Venue secondlife://OD Designs/123/155/588
STANDARD_HUDGet The Latest Standard Issue Guitar HUD secondlife://OD Designs/153/114/22
WEB_REGISTRATIONRegister on OD's website www.odmusic.info secondlife://OD Designs/145/104/22