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How to Buy OD Gear
Direct Purchase

  • Left click a vendor and pay it.
  • Accept everything the vendor gives you.
  • Cash purchases earn OD Points!

OD Reward Points Incentive Program
With every purchase at OD you earn OD Points. Use your points on future purchase of OD gear. Find Out How

OD Gift Cards
Even though most OD products are no trans, its easy to give the gift of music to your friend / loved one.

Buy For Friend
Buy an item for a friend. The item gets delivered immediately
  • Left click the vendor. Get a menu and choose BUY FOR FRIEND
  • The vendor poster will prompt you to type the persons name.
  • Type in the person's name into chat. The name has to be spelled perfectly. NOTE: The user-customizable name now allowed by some SL viewers will not work. You need to enter the traditional style avatar name.
  • The poster will look for your friend then ask you to Pay Now
  • Pay the poster.
  • The item is delivered to your friend immediately.
  • Sometimes when an avatar is very new, the poster will not be able to "find" the person.