! OD Designs !

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OD's LIVE TERRACE is the newest venue, located high over OD to reduce lag, our Live Musicians enjoy playing to the many many that come to hear and see their show. These are the men and women from all over the world with great talent they love their music and live to share it with us all. A variety of listening options, jazz, blues, rock, folk, and country are all enjoyed in OD LIVE. To play the LIVE speak with Daiseze Dahlstrom and remember we are a tips only venue that receives no tips for the venue all go to the Musician.

Live Musicians

Live Musician streaming into sl with their own voices and instrument are the people who love their music so much they want to share it with the World!! OD Designs is the perfect place to watch your show grow and become all you ever imagined it to be, we have all your needs micro phones, guitars, stool to sit and strum while you play, what ever you dream OD Designs can help your see it more clearly.

Rock ON!!