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Mk2 Drums - Documentation

ATTENTION.  The Mk2 Drums have been replaced by the D3 family of drums.  The D3 offers a far superioir set of animations and features.  The Mk2 series drums are still available for sale at reduced prices.  See the D3 Drums HERE

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Menu Buttons

Click the DRUM MENU button toward the top of the HUD.   Get a blue popup dialog menu.

RESET - ReRead the _config file and reset internal scripts.  Typically this is not necessary unless you are re-programming or customizing your HUD with the _config file.
SOUNDS - Open the sounds menu.   Browse and play drum sounds.
HELP - Brings you to this website.
TEXTURE.   Texture your drums.   Read below.

Texturing the Mk2 Drums

Mk2 drums are not mod, but they are easily re-texturable.  There are many drum textures in the drum's contents.   Texturing is menu driven and easy.

You must be the owner to access the texture menus.
Touch the drums.   Blue popup menu.  Choose TEXTURE.
DRUM TEXTURE - Browse and select a texture for the side of the drum body.
DRUM SHINE - Choose the amount of shine you want on your drums.  You must have "shiny" enabled in your graphics settings to see the shine effect.
TRIM LIGHT - Light chrome colored drum rims.
TRIM DARK - Dark chrome colored drum rims.
TOP HEAD - Browse and select a texture for the top drum head.
BOTTOM HEAD - Browse and select a texture for the bottom drum head.
KICK HEAD - Browse and select a texture for the front kick drum head.
HIDE TOM RIM - Make the bottom rim of the tom drums (and the bottom drum head) disappear
HIDE KICK RIM - Make the front rim of the kick drum (and the front kick drum head) disappear.

Adding Your Own Textures

Make your (or otherwise) acquire your texture.  
Textures should be full permissions
Rename your texture:
Drum Head Textures should start with "HEAD"  for example:   "HEADPLain"  or "HEADRedApple"
Drum Side Textures should start with "DR".  for example:  "DRMyBlack"  or "DREvilMonkey"
Drop your texture into the drums (follow these steps)
  1. Touch the drums.    Blue menu.  TEXTURE....UNLOCK
  2. You will get a message that the drums have been unlocked and you can drop in your texture.
  3. Right click the drums.  EDIT.    Open the CONTENTS tab.
  4. Press and hold Ctrl on the keyboard.   While holding Ctrl...drag the texture into the CONTENTS list in the edit dialog window.  The drums will outline in red.  This is normal.  The texture will now be in the drum's contents. 
Now you can use the texturing menu commands above and your new texture will be available in the listing.
"Dropping into inventory" will remain enabled (for all avatars) until you pickup the drums and re-rez them.

Graphics Templates

Use one of these templates to create your own drum head textures that will work perfectly every time.

OD Mk2 DrumHead Template.psd          (Photoshop)

OD Mk2 DrumHead Template.pspimage     (Paint Shop Pro)




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