Stage Lighting System - Testimonials


I have had first hand experience testing and working with the new OD lights for over a month before release and even had a few gigs with them (The Eagles, ZZ Top and Pink Floyd Extreme).  The results were absolutely amazing and completely floored the audience. I have literally purchased every so-called notable lighting system in SL in my almost 3 years providing entertainment across SL, and this is the most complete, user friendly and realistic lighting system ever to be seen in the virtual world.  The possibilities are endless... every time you rez them, you will find yet another way to brilliantly enhance your stage performance.  I have seen the evolution of these amazing lights through many many test versions, and I have to say that Ortho and OD Designs have produced something that we ALL have been yearning for... for a very very long time!  Congrats Ortho on a monumental achievement!

Dagoth Graves
Draco Productions / Draco Bands / War Prophecy Magazine

After having used the lights for Bad Girlz, I have to say the range of what is possible with them makes the stage look real, interesting and unique in s/l. The hud is so easy to use and understand. The intensities and textures in the lighting make for layered lighting effects, in a word all I can say is wow, you outdid yourself Ortho.

Sarena Penucca

Bad Girlz/Draco Productions.

Having been in the entertainment business in SL for two years with Tribute Bands, Live Performances and Clubs, I have used every light system in SL. While I have created some great displays, having owned Ortho's system only a few hours I can say he has raised the benchmark once again, far exceeding any product to date and for the foreseeable future. Once again the quality and expertise of OD Designs has set the standard in performance art, introducing state of the art technology to our industry.
Not only does the system do what it claims but far exceeded my expectations. The versatility is unmatched in ANY product I own in SL. This system is expansive and all encompassing, now I can also run all my OD Design effects from one hud, the configurations, sequences and programming are infinite, the web based storage ensures my routines will never be lost and the transferable HUD means now I can finally enjoy my shows and focus on playing while someone else runs my effects with ease and simplicity such that a noob can do it!
I know that Ortho has not taken on this project lightly and was years in the making, as with all OD Designs products the level of quality far exceeds any price and is consistent with all Ortho creates. Ortho and OD Designs continues to enhance entertainment in SL, his support of all in our industry has and is phenomenal all I can say it thanks man and Keep Rockin' our Second Life!!

Geoffrey Steuart