Stage Lighting System - Revisions


1.3 (Beta UnReleased)

This is a fairly significant upgrade and includes new scripting in the HUD AND in the light fixtures.



Updating Lights
If you have existing stages or builds that are using previous versions of the lights you can update them "in place".  Before you decide to update-in-place, or rebuild your scene with new light fixtures, think about this...
To update your lights "in place" do these things:
  1. DO NOT try to update your lights during an event or concert.  Updating is script intensive.
  2. Update in a low-lag zone.
  3. Rez your scene.
  4. Drop the Updater Beacon next to the scene.  The updater beacon will update everything in a 100 meter range.  The updater beacon will only update items owned by the same owner.
  5. Wear your OLD HUD.
  6. Click the yellow [?] button.  Choose UTIL  then UpdateScripts.
  7. Your chat will stream some spam while the lights update.  Wait until the spam has settled.   Then wait about 90 seconds more.   No .. really.   Watch a clock for 90 seconds, go get a drink, something.   Give it some extra time to flush and restart.
  8. Repeat Step 7 to make sure that ALL of the fixtures got the new scripts.  The second pass may not have as much, or any spam in your chat.  This is normal.
  9. Detach the old HUD.
  10. Wear the new HUD.   OD>> Stage Control HUD 1.3.  Set a password.
  11. Click the yellow [?] button.  Choose RESET
  12. The light fixtures will reset and sync to the new HUD's password.
  13. Test the light channels to make sure all of the fixtures are responding to the new HUD. 
  14. If needed, repeat the process.



!! This is a security patch release !!  Some of the data functions in the light HUD were compromised.  This version fixes those problems.  Symptoms could be erratic HUD behavior and possible de-rezzing of light fixtures.   This is a mandadory update.   In addition to security fixes, the following upgrades are included.

When upgrading to this version DISCARD your old HUDs AND LIGHT FIXTURES.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope our continued devotion to customer service is now, and will continue to be evident in the future.