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These are actual OD Designs H2X customers!


"Doing many metal tributes in SL for almost 2 years, especially Extreme Metal tributes, it is very difficult to find the appropriate guitar animations to fit our genres. the H2x Guitar Hud nails every metal animation in full sequence to satisfy any guitarist, of any genre in SL. OD Designs is simply the best. Ortho you outdid yourself once again!"

Dagoth Graves

"We've Looked at the rest, but SL's Black Label Society only uses the best, The H2X Brings the concert experience in Sl closer than you can ever be. S.D.M.F.! "

Zakk Starr


With the release of od designs newest guitar hud , THE H2X, the standard of animations and guitar ''feel'' has reached stratospheric new levels. whilst still remaining learner friendy, its true power is in offering even the most seasoned sl performer the room to create their own unique 'combo's' and stage presence. From easy set sequence loops ,to button mashing fretboard shredding rockstar moves , THE H2X feels slick n nuke-proof. Add incredible OD STAFF support , value for money , and you just might be the next SL ROCKSTAR.



Hello Ortho, 

I just have to tell you which AMAZING, INCREDIBLE work you did with the H2X.
I am StevenJaimz Hunniton's manager and use the remotes during his shows and i am bandmember of several Draco Production bands and i must say, the H2X simply rocks.
The animations look so real and it is so easy to control and adjust.
The shows are already fun but i have to tell ya, now with the new hud, it just rocks more and is a hell of more fun.

Rock On Ortho, you are GREAT!!!!


RedAngel Paine


"As if the H2 Hud didn't TOTALLY rock enough, OD comes out with the H2X. Our shows have gotten better by leaps and bounds ever since the H2X. The StevenJaimz Project is forever in your gratitude for this amazing, shredding hud"

Toaster Ragu

The H2X is a game-changer for our band. DeepSkyTraveler has always been about moving on stage, but it never looked quite right. That is, until OD Designs unleashed the H2X. These animations are fluid, easy to adapt, and have altered our performances in a huge way.

DeepSky Timeless of the band DeepSkyTraveler

"we use OD and h2x cos we use the best in s/l , perfect anims first to use a/o built in, great to make performances go perfectly , will recommend bands get one of these, because they are simply awesome"

Kimiko Rieko

"Ortho and the guys have outdone themselves this time with the new H2X interface for their world class guitars !! .. The animations are sooo smooth that it looks like you are playing in a video !! This is definitely one upgrade that is WORTH the cash you lay out."

SoulTang Umbarundu

"I am voodoo Cooperstone, I play Michael Anthony...in Chickenfoot, I must say this H2X just totally blows me away, these animations are awesome, and well thought out...this HUD is a must get....worth it's weight in gold, if I had three thumbs?? They'd all be up, hats off to Ortho Vargas, and OD Designs for a great product!!!! 5 stars!!"

voodoo Cooperstone

"Some may say the Hud might be expensive, for just being a hud with animations... not so. Cause well, there's a difference between a normal guitar hud and something that can really make you feel like you're rocking there, while giving you comfort on animations while playing it! From all the Huds ive used onstage with FUROWAR, the H2X Definitely is the one that has made Shows more serious and Explosive! I've been Rocking like never before. Lets just say im gonna encourage the two other guitarists of Furowar buy it too and Blow the minds of fans! Thanks OD!"

Jason from FUROWAR

"okay, after getting the new hud finally i just have to tell you what incredible work you've done.. The H2X is just WOW"

RedAngel Paine