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The H2 Animation HUD has been replaced by the H2X HUD. H2X offers far superior animations. Check out the H2X here: HERE

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H2 is a Total-Control HUD for use inside the virtual reality world Second Life.  Although H2's primary design is for controlling guitar animations, it has uses FAR BEYOND just guitar animations.   Feature Highlights:


20+ All new baseline guitar playing animations from Gentle to Insane.
25+ "Expression" moves which can be triggered at any time over the baseline animations
56+ Dance type animations.  Play guitar while dancing.
Play Guitar behind your head
Play long extended sequences of animations.
Create your own customized animation sequences. Use H2's animations, or your own.
Combine all your favorite animations (from any source) into one single global control HUD:  H2.

Particle Effects / Guitar Effects Control

Control of particle effects: Firebolt, Explode, Floating hearts, and Setting your entire guitar on FIRE.   Particle effects require that H2 be used with an OD Designs guitar.
ZZTop Spin Effect, Orbit Effect (guitar spins around your body)

Animate Multiple Avatars   

Similar to a dance machine, you can animate multiple H2 users from a single H2 HUD.   Why is this so cool?  Read on....
Synchronized Animations.  Control multiple H2 users (up to 10 at once) from a single HUD for synchronized concert moves. Details
Remote Control.  Allow a friend to control your avatar from the audience while you perform live music. Details
Live music performers can let a friend in the audience control their avatar, creating a varied and more "natural" looking performance.   Much more realistic than stand there with a single animation running the entire show.
Bands can perform synchronized moves... from simple coordinated expression moves to long extended sequences of animations together.  
During a performance set, avatars retain their own individual control each with their own H2, then for portions of the show, they can come together for series of synchronized moves.

Remote Control

A remote control is available that will allow non-H2 owners to control your avatar.  The most common use is for a live artist to stream the live performance while a friend controls his avatar's H2.  Details

User Configurable / Programmable

Create and customize your own HUD buttons to control a multitude of functions:
Trigger Animations and Expressive performance moves
Trigger sounds
Say, whisper, or shout anything on any channel.
Create command sequences in 
Control stage pyros, lights, particles, anything that listens to chat commands.  
Control guitar functions such as ZZTop spin, Orbit, Firebolt and other particle effects.
Create your own sequences of animations, expression moves, sounds, chat commands to control lights, particles, and so on, all from the H2 console, all synchronized together and totally customized to your personal needs.
H2 will execute multiple simultaneous user-programmed command sequences.
Store your guitar's attach positions and automatically teach them to other OD guitars.   A MUST if you own multiple OD instruments.
Customize button size, colors, button text, put your own texture on buttons, functions, and much more.


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