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Q.I want the new H2X HUD, but I have the H2 already?
A.Go in world to the OD Help Center locate the green sign that reads ReDelivery System. Click that and it will bring up your all of your purchase records as well of your OD Points plus it will tell you how specific price for the H2X! (Be sure to contact Ortho Vargas before you by as instructed)

Q.I want to customize my explode from the skulls to my logo?
A.Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do that!

Q.I want to set up groups on my H2 HUD?
A.Simply follow this tutorial and you'll be on your way!

Q.How do I get the latest standard guitar HUD?
A. Find the purple "Get The Latest Standard HUD" sign inside OD Designs. Follow this Landmark: http://slurl.com/secondlife/OD%20Designs/87/85/22
Wear a guitar then touch the sign. You will get any updated guitar accessories including the latest version of the HUD.

Q. I'm having troubles purchasing a guitar!
A. Go here for a full explantion on other purchase methods

Q. I really want a guitar from OD Designs, but don't have quite enough lindens!
A. Well now you can, redeem any points you may have from past purchases at OD Designs here at the OD Designs Reward Points center in-world.

For an explantion on how it works the >> OD Rewards Points webpage.

Or simply find a OD Staff member that is around the shop or on the Pager bells to assist you.

Q. SL ate all my guitars, OMG what now??
A. The best way to get a new copy of your missing OD product is to visit the Redelivery system in OD's Central Gallery.  Simply click the green sign and then GOTO Page notice that appears then select the purchase you want to be redelivered. Great for fresh copies of your purchases.  There is a green product redelivery sign here:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/OD%20Designs/87/86/22

This is a OD standard of service!    Check out this short video clip for specific instructions:
Redelivery System Video 

If all else fails  please contact one of our sales staff and let them know.   They have tools to help you get fresh copies of your missing OD gear. 

Q. I've just bought the H2, I wonder if it can be customized?
A. Please see our Technical FAQ regarding the customizing of the H2. H2 FAQ

Q. I would like to test drive the drums
A. Sure, no problem come in-world to kick the tires!  Visit Us In-World   

Q. I like your drums but I cannot have too many prims at my place.
A.We have temp rez drums, Just rez them and they will add no prims to your prim count. They come in our Drum packages! Don't have that yet? Best to take advantage of the current upgrades.

Or try our Wearable Drum Kit, you wear the drums and therefore there are no prims added to your land or show. Great for prim restricted concerts!

Q. I rezzed my guitar on the floor and it won't go away. It keeps coming back.
A. This the the invisible temp rezzer disk. In chat, type /21 show then delete the disk. Or go Here

Q. I'm the only one that can hear my guitar sounds. What's up?
A. Make sure your riffpod is attached to a body location, not a HUD attach point.

Q. I've noticed that some of the guitars have extra features included.
A. Any guitar which is 4.04 and above, check out the website. Current Version

Q. In need to get in touch with a OD Staff member!!
A. Use the Pager Bells located in the main Landing zone area, if no OD Staff member is at the shop. For an explanition on how to use the Pager Bells watch this short video.

Pager Bell Video

Q. I'm still not really sure if OD is for me?
A. Well maybe this short video will help you. It has a lot of great information in it!

Things to know about OD


Q. My HUD isn't showing on my screen, What now?
A. Please refer to this work around tutorial for the solution.I can't see my HUD.

Q. My H2 HUD is giving me errors, what can I do?
A. As with some Second Life updates problems will occur. Simply click the OD Designs logo on your H2 HUD and select reset. Detach the HUD, then re-attach the H2 HUD. That should fix any script errors you have. And be sure to Update the H2 HUD to receive the H2Turbo now available.

Q. I want to set up my exploding speaker system, how do I do that?
A. Go here for detailed instructions. click here