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OD Designs - DJ Booths

Thank you for your interest in OD Designs' line of Professional DJ Booths. You will find many different styles and sizes of booths. All booths have the same set of features.


  • 8 Ultra-Realistic Professional DJ Animations
  • Physical build is Mod and Copy
  • Menu controlled. No HUD needed
  • Multiple light fixtures, menu controlled colors
  • Selectable "AutoColor" feature sequences through colors automatically
  • Anyone can sit and use the booth
  • Can be controlled by the user or the owner
  • Lights and effects are separate "auto-positioning" objects. You only use prims for the features you use.
  • Glowing color-coordinated accents
Special Effects:
  • Smoke
  • Spinning Plasma Balls
  • Lightning Bolts
  • Exploding Fire
  • Showers of Sparks / Stars
  • Spinning Helix
  • Ripples
  • Lasers
  • Flame Burst

Easy Setup

  • When you buy the DJ booth you will also receive a BUCKET of light fixtures and a BUCKET of special effect fixtures. Open all of the buckets and copy them to inventory
  • Rez the booth. Position it in your venue.
  • "Sit" on the booth. Your avatar will automatically animate and move through long loops of animations.
  • Rez any light fixtures and Effects Addons you want to use. Effects fixtures automaticall "snap" in place to the booth.
  • You can see the fixtures even if they are "off" by "viewing invisble objects" (Ctrl-Alt-T)
  • Reset the Effects menu by touching the booth and choosing RESET from the blue popup menu. This resets the menus to incorporate any light fixtures and/or effects fixtures you have rezzed. Sitting also re-positions any effects fixtures which may have been moved.
  • Your avatar will automatically begin a loop of animations
  • Touch the booth for the pop-up menu functions

Popup Menu

Touch the booth to get the pop-up menu
Color Opens a menu of colors. Lights and some booth accept prims will respond to the color menu.
AutoClrON AutoClrOFF Turns ON and OFF the automactic color sequencer
ALL OFF Turns OFF the lights and all special effects
Jet Flame
etc.. etc
Turns ON and OFF the various particle and special effects