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D4 Mesh Drums
  • The main purpose of the D4 is to add some features, enhance the build detail, and above all, reduce the Land Impact prim count.
  • The D4 family uses the SAME ANIMATIONS as the D3. The animations are NOT NEW. There are no additional animations over the D3 drums. This is why you get such a hefty discount on your first D4 if you already own one or more D3.
  • Customizing the D4 is done IN THE OD STORE. This is different than D3. There is a D4 Drums station in OD's Custom Shop. The D4 custom shop is more powerful than the D3 was. The idea is, you make as many copies as you need of a drumset, customize them all to taste, and rez the one you need at the time.
  • D4 has numerous features and enhancements over D3. Listed below.

Quick Start:

  1. Sit on the drums
  2. Accept the HUDs and Drumsticks. Wear all of it.
  3. Start Hitting buttons. ENJOY !!