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Custom Work

So... you can't find "THE" guitar and you need it built custom just for you. To varying degrees, OD Designs does do custom work.

Custom Paint We do take order for custom paint jobs on existing guitar bodies. Typical examples are: Adding your name to a guitar, change the color, add a graphic, etc. Before commissioning a customized guitar check out OD's Custom Shop. You can do a good deal of customizing yourself.

The simple truth is.. I don't have time to do custom work. I can, occassionally be talked into a custom paint job. With all respect, and not meaning to sound terse... there are some conditions:

  • The customization has to be COMPLETELY and 100% defined ahead of time.
  • If everything is defined and I can do it all at once, it may be possible.
  • I cannot make changes after the build is complete and packaged. Unless you would like to pay again for the customization.
  • Please be prepared to wait for when I have an available slot.
  • I do not want to have to explain how, something that seems so simple to you, still takes time away from regular production work. It is easier for me to politely decline than to have to justify my schedule. :)
  • I do not want to have to explain the price of custom work. If the price is not agreeable, no hard feelings.
If the above conditions are acceptable please find the guitar body you want in the store. Make a notecard with the following information:
  • The name and model of the base instrument. One already for sale in the store. Be specific. tell me the exact name.
  • List the changes you want. All of them
  • Pass it to me (Ortho Vargas) in-world. I'll reply asap.
Custom Builds Custom built guitar or bass, ie: a body shape which is not already built and "on the shelf", typically we do not do. Unfortunately our standard production work generally keeps us too busy to take on custom built instruments.