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OD Google Linked Calendar Board

OD's google calendar board is a modifiable calendar board which is linked to your google calendar. This is the easiest way to display your event schedule in your club, music venue, etc. Google calendars are share-able, very powerful, and managed off-world in your internet browser. If you don't have a google account, get one today. Very powerful stuff.

See a demo at OD Designs secondlife://OD Designs/101/136/22

Feature Highlights

  • Easy web-assisted configuration. http://www.odmusic.info/google/calid.php
  • Shows one page of calendar events
  • Includes several different sizes of message boards
    • 15row x 80col (83 prims)
    • 10row x 80col (92 prims)
    • 10row x 60col (72 prims)
    • 10row x 40col (52 prims)
    • 5row x 60col (37 prims)
    • 5row x 40col (27 prims)
  • Boards are copy/mod (except scripts)
  • Selectable Date Formats
  • Selectable Text Colors
  • Programmable Title-Line