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A Bit Of History

OD Designs started with a passion for music and a dream of owning a guitar in game.

Early 2006, Ortho Vargas began to take interest in creating a guitar for himself. After much work and research he created a jazz guitar inspired by frequent visits to The Blue Note Jazz Club.

While exploring SL, he began to attract attention when displaying his guitar. Inquiries began as to where he bought it. He simply replied, I made it myself. The most common response was always, Dude! Can you make me one? How much do you charge?

He pondered the possibilities, and OD Designs was born in a small room of his SL home. He began by creating several different guitars, the first 6 guitars were displayed at a free yard sale.

Soon after, thanks to the generosity of Metallia Stygian the first official outlet for Ortho's guitars was established at Rock n Ragz which also sold posters, rock wear and anything band related. The most interesting features of these guitars, and completely unique at the time, were the ability to shoot FIRE out of the headstock and do ZZTop style spins. This quickly became OD's distinguishing trademark.

As he refined his building techniques, seeking to provide only the finest quality work, inquiries for custom guitars started to come in. Word spread rapidly and OD was on fire releasing replicas of many RL guitars. Soon OD Designs moved from a series of isolated vendor locations to a central store on a single 4096 parcel.

In 2007, OD took its presence in the SL community to the next level. Wanting to keep in compliance with Linden Lab's copyright laws, the entire line of guitars was redesigned, all copyrighted graphics were removed. Later that same year, OD Designs, in conjunction with Ortho's long time friends Rick Turner and Barry Pearlman of Renaissance Guitars (builders of Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham's Model 1 electric guitar) formed the first ever SL/RL partnership designed to bring Officially Authorized Replicas of musical instruments into Second Life. A new era was born.

To date, OD has been authorized by BC Rich, Dean Guitars, Neal Moser custom shop, Traben Guitars, Michael Kelly Guitars, Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, and D Drums to produce Authorized Replicas of their RL musical instruments in Second Life.

From the very beginning Customer Service has been the core of OD's business. Music. Family. Relationships. These are the things that keep OD rolling strong even today. The pursuit of a dream, quality designs and animations, Real Life partnerships, experience, an unrelenting drive for excellence, and a Staff which is second to none in SL, all make OD a unique musical experience in game.

Thousands of customers agree: OD Designs - There is no ReHab.