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Unpacking Your Guitar

Unpacking and using your OD Guitar is easy.

DO NOT: Rez the guitar on the ground and "open" it. This usually breaks the guitar. The item you recieved isn't a box or a container, it is the guitar itself.

DO NOT: Manually removove any of the guitar's contents. This usually breaks the guitar.

If you have a question like... Why didn't it give me the regular size guitar? or Why does my guitar have a stand stuck on it? it probably means that something went wrong in the process. Here is how to do it:

  1. WEAR the guitar.
  2. The first time you wear it, it will give you some items. Accept all of them. One is the control HUD. Wear that. It lets you control the guitar. Remember to turn off your AO.
  3. You will also receive the smaller sizes if they are included with that guitar.
  4. The guitar will not give you a "regular size" guitar, because it IS the regular size one and you are already wearing it.
  5. If you need another copy of the HUD or other sizes.. touch the guitar, get a menu, and hit ACCESSORIES
      If things get fouled up and you need to start over, you can get a fresh copy of your guitar from the redelivery system. Check it out: Product Redelivery