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Which Components Should I Buy?

The OD Particle System Is available in several different components, depending on your needs.

If You Want To... You Should Buy... Vendor
  • You own other OD stage gear (lights, lasers, pyros). You use the OD Stage Control HUD
  • You want to edit and create your own particles and use them in your stage setups.
  • Building up a library of your own particles sounds cool.
Particle Lab and Basic Pack
This gets you started immediately using the Basic Particle Pack and you can also edit and create your own particles and use them within your stage setup.
  • You do not use OD stage gear at all. You are not a performer in SL.
  • You are a builder and want a simple way to create and test particles, then get the script so you can include it in your builds royalty-free.
Particle Lab Only
  • You already have the Particle Lab


    You will NEVER want to edit or create your own particles. You will ALWAYS just use ready-made particle cans.

  • You need particles with HUD control for your stage, club, home, etc
Any of the particle packs

These gets you started immediately using the pre-programmed, ready to go particle cans. They can be used in your big Stage Control HUD or with their own more compact HUD.

Particle Packs

Basic Pack
A variety pack of effects ranging from Bling to Butterfies to Bloody Hands
Fire Pack
Different types of fire. Explosions, fire rings, fire walls, etc.