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Particle Cans
  • Particle Cans are compatible with OD's "big" LX Stage HUD (Lights, Lasers, Pyros). Particle packs are a great way to expand your stage show and can be operated from the same Stage Control HUD as OD's other top-shelf stage products.
  • Particle Cans can also be used independently from the regular stage HUD. The particle cans come with a series of different size dedicated, simplified control HUDs designed for activation the particles and nothing else. In this mode, the particles can be addressed on as many different channels as the HUD allows. 50 - 60 simultaneous channels (or more) of particle effects are common.

    Using The PreProgrammed Particle Cans
    • In your bucket of particle cans you will find a pre-programmed particle can for every particle effect in your purchased particle pack.
    • Rez as many particle cans as you like.
    • Wear the particle HUD. Click [?]. RESET. The HUD's buttons will populate. Begin having fun.

    What Do I Do Next?

    • YOU NEED TO SET A PASSWORD. See "Using The Particle HUD" below.
    • If you are using cans from multiple particle packs you are likely to have overlapping channels. Skip to "Address Particle Cans" below...
    • If you are using cans from multiple particle packs you are likely to have overlapping channels. Skip to Address Particle Cans below...
    • If you have the Particle Lab and you want to modify and create your own particles see How To Program The Particle Cans below.
    • If you want to use your pyro cans with your OD>> Stage Control HUD (from the lights/lasers/pyros package) See "Address Particle Cans" below...

    How To Program The Particle Cans

    • For maximum flexibility and enjoyment, use the particle lab to create your own particle effects or download particle effects from the web library. You can save your own particles to your web page and use them later.
    • Rez the Particle Lab.
    • Rez a particle can next to the lab. (5m or less distance)
    • Create or download particle effects to the Lab. See Particle Lab Instructions for more details.
    • The particle can will mimic the particle effect on the Lab.
    • When you like it, take the can into inventory (or take a copy)
    • Skip to "Address Particle Cans" below...

    Address Particle Cans For Use With a HUD

    • Particle cans work with the OD>> Stage Control HUD (the one that comes with the LX lights, pyros, lasers) or the simpler OD>> Particle HUD. Each hud has its own addressing scheme, so a particle can can have 2 addresses.
    • Select the can for edit. Look in the DESCRIPTION field. (not the name, the description) It will look something like this

        12 this is the Stage Control HUD address. Edit this number the same way you do when addressing any of the LX fixtures such as lights, pyros, lasers. If you do not own those products, it doesnt matter what you set this number to... but you have to leave the number there
        {a66b39b7-cf5f0-46c5-6826-20a223f5741a} This part is also used with the LX stage control hud. Leave this part alone. If this part is absent, don't worry.
        ^ 2 This is the address for the particle HUD. You have to have the ^ then a number. The number can be anything from 0 to ... as many buttons as are on your particle HUD. There are different size particle HUDs, the only difference is physical size on your screen and how many particles each will control.
      • Done setting the address? Take the can into inventory.
      • Give each of your particle cans a different, unique address.

      Using The Particle HUD

      • Chose the HUD you want to use, wear it. They are all the same, just different sizes. Choose one that makes sense with the number of particles you are using.
      • Rez all of your particle cans.
      • Click [?]. Get a menu. RESET
      • The buttons will clear and adjust according to the particles you have rezzed.

      Set A Password

      • Click [?]. Get a menu. PASSWORD. You have 30 seconds to enter your password in chat like this:
        /900 mysecretpassword
      • Click [?]. Get a menu. RESET
      • Anyone that has a Particle HUD and sets their password the same as yours, can control your particle cans.


      • Need an assistant to help run your particles? No problem. They don't have to buy the complete particle system, but they do need to buy just the particle HUD pack. This is a pack of HUDs only. No particle cans, no Particle Lab. Any price they pay for the HUD pack can be applied toward the full particle system at any later date.