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OD Designs - Particle Lab

Particle Lab is an in-world tool that allows you to create and test particle effects quickly and easily without the need to write any scripts at all. The Particle Lab sends the llParticleSystem script command to your chat so you can copy and paste it into your own object scripts.

Particle Generation

  • Create particle effects interactively in-world without scripting.
  • Saves hours of time versus script -> compile -> test -> script -> compile -> test -> etc -> etc
  • Generates full perm scripts for your particles. Scripts are ready to copy and paste into your own objects.
Save, Restore, Share, Library
  • Save and Restore your particles for later use. Build up your own library of particles and tweak them anytime later.
  • Access to a growing library of particle packs. Packs may come in various varieties
    Free Included at no extra charge
    Purchased Premium particles and packs purchased for a nominal fee
    MOD Fully MOD particles. You have access to modify the particle effect with the lab and get the script full perms
    NOMOD Particle which can be used in various OD products
    • Some OD instruments have multiple programmable pyro and special effects emmitters which can be programmed with the particle lab.
    • Some of the OD Stage Pyros and Effects products


  • Excellent tool for learning or teaching particle generation.