H2x - Full Motion Authentic
Guitar Animation HUD / AO

Thank you for your interest in the H2X guitar/bass animation HUD.  We believe the H2X to be the finest, most complete, guitar/bass animation product available in Second Life.  Take a ride on the demo pose-ball and see for yourself!   TELEPORT NOW

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  • 75+ Full Motion High Quality Animations
  • 100% Ambidextrous  Play any animation in "left" or "right" hand mode
  • "Dance Grip" allows you to play guitar with the H2X style grip with 100's of standard dances available from other sources in game.
  • Facial expression sequences: Happy, Sad, Angry
  • Long extended sequences of animations.
  • Remote controllable with the H2x Remote.
  • Male/Female "at rest" animation.
  • Attach Guitar to Upper Arm, Lower Arm, or Hand
  • Fully integrated control of guitar pyro effects in all OD Guitars (including late-model advanced multicolor pyro equipped models)
  • HUDs "collapse" to conserve screen space. 
  • Copiable so you can have safety copies.
  • Lifetime free replacements if SL "eats" your HUDs
  • A/O style animations:
    • Selectable walk-and-play guitar animations (with male/female mode)
    • Selectable leaps and jumps
    • Kneel and play guitar on 2 knees


What's In The Package - Quick Start
Wearing Your Guitar
Adjusting Your Guitar Position
Wear The HUDs
Explanation Of Buttons
Using Remote Control


The H2X has buttons that control pyros, lasers, lightning, and other various guitar special effects. PLEASE NOTE; Not all guitars have all special effects. The H2X will control whatever effects are built into your particular OD guitar. Just because of of your OD guitars has lasers (for example) doesn't mean ALL OD guitars have lasers. To find out what special effects are included in a particular guitar click the guitar vendor poster and select INFO from the drop-down menu.


NOTE: There have been some instances of users that cannot get the HUD buttons to respond, or, the only buttons that respond are the "dance" animations.   The solution is to use the latest SL viewer version.  Some alternate viewers can cause problems.

What's In The Package - Quick Start

With H2X you HAVE to re-attach your guitar and adjust (and teach) a new guitar position.  Be patient.. it's worth it.   Follow each step down through this page....

Wearing Your Guitar.  This is important.

Previous OD HUDs and animation assumed the guitar was attached to the CHEST or SPINE, this doesn't work for H2X.  With H2X you may attach your guitar in a few different places.  Assuming you are strumming right-handed:

LEFT UPPER ARM This is the preferred attach point.  In this position the left hand is free to move to different places on the neck thus offering a more up-close realistic "neck hand" appearance.
Let's face it.  There are bands out there with too much armor and spikes on their arms to give up the upper arm attach point to something as silly as a guitar.  For these metal-heads the H2X includes a "Lock Hand" function which will prevent your left hand from moving on the neck.  This controls the position of the lower arm and hand and allows you to attach the guitar to either place.  
So Which Position Should I Choose ? It is a matter of personal preference.
  • If you feel the need to move your hand to different locations on the neck.  Use Upper Arm.
  • If you must wear armor or some other attachment on Upper and Lower, then use Hand.
  • NOTE:   There is a really good chance that there will be an add-on H2X Expressions2 HUD.  These animations will likely only work if you have the guitar attached to your hand.

Since you will be attaching your guitar to a new body location and adjusting the position.. OD recommends that you MAKE A NEW COPY of your guitar.... put it into a new folder so you can tell which is which... then attach the new copy to your upper arm and adjust it.  This will ensure that you still have the old copy of your guitar still attached to your chest and adjusted per your taste.. (just in case you want to use it that way too).

If you are strumming left handed attach the guitar to your RIGHT upper arm/lower arm/hand.

Adjusting Your Guitar Position

  • The easiest way to adjust your guitar position is to "sit" on the H2X Pose Stand included in your package.  Your "neck" hand will move between the various grip position automatically.   Assuming you have the guitar attached to your UPPER ARM you can touch the blue "Default" buttons and the guitar will snap to various positions.  This should get you close to ideal.  Use the Arrow controls or normal SL "edit" controls to adjust the guitar position until all of the hand positions look good.    Remember to touch your guitar and "Teach Front" so it will remember the adjustment. 
  • With the guitar attached for use with H2X, wearing it "on your back" doesn't really work well.   If you want to carry it on back.. make a copy (or wear your original copy) and carry that one on your back.
  • When you like the position click SAVE POSITION at the base of the pose stand.   Your guitar will remember this as the "Front" position and the position will be saved into the pose stand.   You can later recall this position for other guitars.   The stand is copiable, you may find that the correct position to save is slightly different for different guitar builds.  Feel free to have multiple copies of the pose stand each with a different saved position.


Wear The HUDs

1. Wear:

2.  Start Hitting buttons.  ENJOY !!

The Buttons

A looping "base" animation.   Animates your entire body
A dancing "base" animation.   Animates your entire body
A partial body "expressive" animation.   Animates different parts of your body, typically the upper body.  Use these while some other "base" animation is already running.  These are typically "one-shot" animations which play and do not loop.
A "one-shot" version of an animation.  These are meant to be played on top of a looping base animation.  They animate your entire body, run once and then end.   Its a cool way to throw variety into your performance.
A long sequence of looping animations.  These will play a sequence of varying animations and typically run for several minutes before they start repeating.  A good way to "fire and forget" and still have a good variety in your performance.
More long animation sequences.   Mostly heavier, more rockin' animations.
Mic Grip On/Off.  Use this to raise your mic to your mouth when using animations that don't automatically raise the mic.  (like the blue button dances)
("E" Key or "PgUp" Key)
With the A/O activated these keys will make your avatar jump.  There are several different jumps.  You can choose a specific one or let H2X choose them randomly
Walk The built-in A/O contains various "walk and play guitar" animations.  You can choose a specific one or let H2X choose them randomly.
("C" Key or "PgDn" Key)
With the A/O activated this keys will make your avatar kneel on both knees.
Main Menu
  • Adjust Text.   Shift the button labels around to suit your display.
  • Left Hand.  Play animations in left handed mode.   When playing left handed you need to wear your guitar on the RIGHT arm/hand.  Left/Right hand must be set for both the Main and the Expression HUDs.  You don't want them operating in opposite modes... that would just look silly.
  • Right Hand.  Play animations in right handed mode.   When playing right handed you need to wear your guitar on the LEFT arm/hand.  Left/Right hand must be set for both the Main and the Expression HUDs.  You don't want them operating in opposite modes... that would just look silly.
  • Lock Hand.   Toggles the "lock hand" feature ON and OFF.   Enable this only if you are attaching the guitar to your lower arm or hand.
  • PreLoadSim.  Play all of the animations one at a time.   This loads the animations into the local sim and reduces lag later.  this process takes a few minutes.  You will  see your avatar cycle through the animations.
  • AO.  Displays the AO (animation override) menu (only on the H2X Main HUD, there is no AO menu in the Expression HUD..  Not all of the buttons on the AO menu are significant.  These are the significant ones:
    • AO On/Off.  Turns the animation override feature ON and OFF.  Animation override is a series of animations that activate as you move your avatar.  ie:  Walking, Jumping, Crouching.
    • Walks.  Select a specific "walk" animation, or choose ANY to let the HUD chose one for you randomly each time you begin walking.
    • Jumps.  Select a specific "jumping" animation, or choose ANY to let the HUD chose one for you randomly each time you Jump.
    • Male/Female.  Toggle between male and female modes.   The difference between the 2 modes:
      • the "simple" AO walk animation is different for male/female
      • the "at rest" animation is different for male/female
    • Reset.  Resets the AO.  This could be useful if it becomes confused.
Various facial expression sequences.  Happy, Sad, Angry, etc.

Using Remote Control

Remote control allows a "helper" avatar to control your H2X.  This is very useful for live musicians.  The musician can play his instrument RL and a helper avatar can remote control the performer's avatar in game.

  1. The performer needs to own the H2X.   The helper does not.
  2. The helper needs to get the free H2X Remote at the H2X display in the store.
  3. Performer wears his H2X Main and Expression
  4. Helper wears his Main and Expression Remote controller HUDs

Setup Passwords

  • Both the performer and the helper need to set the same password on their respective H2X's and remotes.    Password is taught on channel 100.. like this...

    /100 mypword


  • After the passwords are set the helper will be able to control the performers H2X HUDs.
  • Have fun!!