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H2V - Hand Held Microphone Singing HUD

NOTE: There have been some instances of users that cannot get the HUD buttons to respond, or, the only buttons that respond are the "dance" animations.   The solution is to use the latest SL viewer version.  Some alternate viewers can cause problems.

1. Wear:

  • OD>> H2v
  • OD>> H2V Expression
  • OD Hand Held Mic

2.  Start Hitting buttons.  ENJOY !!

The Buttons

A looping "base" animation.   Animates your entire body
A dancing "base" animation.   Animates your entire body
A partial body "expressive" animation.   Animates different parts of your body, typically the upper body.  Use these while some other "base" animation is already running.  These are typically "one-shot" animations which play and do not loop.
A "one-shot" version of an animation.  These are meant to be played on top of a looping base animation.  They animate your entire body, run once and then end.   Its a cool way to throw variety into your performance.
A long sequence of looping animations.  These will play a sequence of varying animations and typically run for several minutes before they start repeating.  A good way to "fire and forget" and still have a good variety in your performance.
More long animation sequences.   Mostly heavier, more rockin' animations.

Mic Grip On/Off.  Use this to raise your mic to your mouth when using animations that don't automatically raise the mic.  (like the blue button dances)
The Main Menu.
  • Adjust Text.   Shift the button labels around to suit your display.
  • Left Hand.  Play animations with mic in your left hand.
  • Right Hand.  Play animations with mic in your right hand.
  • PreLoadSim.  Play all of the animations one at a time.   This loads the animations into the local sim and reduces lag later.
Various facial expression sequences.  Happy, Sad, Angry, etc.