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Exploding Speakers

STEP 1:  Setup a trigger word.

  • Rez the speaker on the ground.   It will popup a menu asking you for permissions to change links.   Give it the permission.
  • It will also prompt you to type a "trigger word" in chat.    This word is what you will use to make the speakers explode.   Keep your trigger word a secret and only give it to people you want to be able to trigger the explode.
  • Type your trigger word in chat.   The speaker will tell you that it learned the trigger word.
  • You can delete the original (unprogrammed) speaker from your inventory.
  • (if you ever need to re-programmed the trigger word, rez the speaker and type  /99 reset.    Then repeat the above process)

STEP 2: Using The Speakers

  • Rez each speaker from inventory.   Use the one that already knows your trigger word.
  • DO NOT drag copies of already rezzed speakers... the dragged copies will not know your trigger word and you'll have to grant like permission and chat the trigger word to each one.   Instead rez each speaker you need from inventory.
  • To explode the speakers type   /99 triggerword