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DJH2 - Professional DJ Animation HUD

The DJH2 HUD is intended for DJ's. It is a notrans HUD. Perfect for DJ's that work in many locations. You can sit in any DJ booth and the HUD will animate you with professional DJ animations.

THIS IS NOT A DJ BOOTH - It is a HUD. OD's DJ booths are coming soon :)


  • 22 Ultra-Realistic Professional DJ Animations
  • Copy/Mod headphones included
  • Controls DJ booth lights, lasers, pyros, particle effects, tints. (Only on OD Designs DJ Booths. see each specific booth for the specific features. Not all features included in all booths.
  • Two Modes Of Operation...
Manual Operation. Selectively active individual animations.

Automatic Operation. Plays a long continuously looping set of animations. This is perfect for Professional Live DJ work. You just kick off the sequence and forget about it. The HUD will continuously animate your avatar with long sequences of different animations

Quick Start

  1. Wear your HUD.
  2. Start Hitting Buttons
  3. Have Fun!
  4. The Buttons

    A looping "base" animation.   Animates your entire body
    A "one-shot" version of an animation.  These are meant to be played on top of a looping base animation.  They run once and then end.   Its a cool way to throw variety into your performance.
    Minimizes the HUD. ie: Shows the HUD in a collapsed form with a simpler interface with very few buttons
    Triggers the auto-animate mode.