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  • 100+ Full Motion Professional Animations
  • 15 baseline "grooves"
    • Multiple intensities for hitting individual drums and cymbals, drum rolls and breaks.
    • Realistic "at rest" sequences
    • Concert expressive animations and moves.
  • Cymbals wobble and react when hit with certain animations.
  • Drums give control HUD and drum sticks to anyone who sits to play.

Lights, Pyros And Effects

  • Fog / smoke reacts to stage lighting colors.
  • Explosion Fire
  • Flame Spurts
  • MutiColor lights which snap-to positon on the drums.
  • Drum Sticks
    • Spin the sticks
    • Stick tips can glow or burn with fire.
  • Entire drumset spins.  7 different types of spins including a 'random' setting.
  • Drum riser compatibility.  Drums will follow your stage riser. 
  • Drum positioning.  Easily call the drums to any position via llSay() command


  • Adjustable avatar sit position
  • Menu selectable texturing system, includes multiple drum textures plus the ability to use your own textures.
  • Put you own texture on the kick drum head, drum body, etc.
  • Hide/Show bottom drum heads. 1
  • Chrome/Dark hardware and stands.
  • Selectable drum transparency.  1
  • Inside surface of the drums is separately texturable. 1
  • Selectable shine levels for drum surface.
  • Selectable Fullbright ON/OFF.


  • Over 175 sounds when wearing the Drums Sound module (included)

Geoffrey Steuart

1 may not be available on super-low prim models due to prim count reduction