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Here I am, sitting minding my own business and I get this message asking me to checking something out.  I rezz out this thing call “Bucket of Drums”.  So I unpack it to find something called “D3”.  I think to myself…”OK, I will check it out…oh boy, another set of drums! So out of curiousity I sit on the this drum kit and it gives me a set of sticks…no biggy huh?  It then gives me a HUD…again no big deal…so I wear the HUD.  Now, your probably think like I did… “Who cares more drums!”…right?


I start playing with the buttons on the HUD planning on messing with it for just a few minutes.  An Hour later I am still here playing with the what seems like an endless array of mocap (motion capture) animations…I can’t the the damned thing down.  OD Designs (owned by Ortho Vargas), I have said it many times in the past… and really hate to repeat myself… but you never cease to amaze me at the level of reality you add into your products and in Second Life musicianship.  First the H2X (guitar HUD, then the H2V (vocal HUD), followed by the H2D (dance HUD),, and now we have this kick ass drum HUD soon to be know all over the SL grid as the D3, drumkit and HUD.  Simply Just AweSome!!

Dagoth Graves - Draco Productions

"Ortho thank you sooooooo much for the drums.  You have NO idea how much I love them....THEY ARE CRAZY!!  Dancin on the stool?  Swinging your hips> The drumming animations?  WONDERFUL.  Now if only a guitar was out lmao>   Ty again so very much!    ...  Ty again...&$%^  they rock .....  I was like.....IM DANCING ON THE **$&'IN STOOL!!  ...wait wait...I can stand briefly and jam? ..... oh no don't let me hype the crowd up...  then the optional lights ....  that works with the HUD too even though it's seperate? genuis   ....  the animations are killer...now I don't have to sit there like a nut when I'm not playing..    hell, when I'm playing the animations are awesome!!"

Shawnna Moonshadow - Jonathan Heiss Project

Just in time! I composed a 5 minute drum solo lead in to Satana's 'Smooth', synced it with the new lights added lasers and hit the Center Stage of Burning Man 2.0 as the closing act, Sunday night. What a lead in to my show, the lights, the drums all synced perfect! People in the crowd were sending me pictures exclaiming they had never seen anything like it before.... AWESOME, THANKS OD!

Geoffrey Steuart   Video Demo

D3 is the most awsome drumset I ever have sat behind.  I dont play in any bands anymore but behind those.... i wish i did.   Thx Ortho for giving inspiration back to a guy who just loved to play and lost it.   When I bought the D3 Storm, I sat for an houer and just had fun and enjoyed the old HM music.. gosh.

Jamesie Silversmith

What i like about the D3 is the realistic animations and the easiness of the Hud they are well put together very excellent work Othro

Highscreen Gumbo ( Band/Alice Cooper , Company/The Rock Shoppe)

Ortho,  I just wanted to tell you that i tried the new drums.  They are pretty cool.   I love the spin options on the hud.  Keep up the good work.   We appreciate all you guys do

Paris Firelyte with Rockshoppe

Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the new OD3 Drums! I purchased the Storm model and i gotta tell ya, the animations are surpurb. Its so much fun even alone just listenning to the music and trying the different animations on que. lol the Sexy and Air Guitar animations are a total suprise and fun. I know you put a lot into getting this just right and i can say I think its worth every penny. It would compliment any band out there.. Thumbs-up man on a great job.

Daniel Fitzroy Owner Luxe Lounge

Thanks Ortho for these awesome drums. The HUD and the animations are the absolutely best in the whole world. We love to playing the drums in all of our concerts. We only work with your stuff (H2V, H2X) and it looks sooo great and we have a lot of fun in every concert. Great work!!!!

Bully Messmer, Black Marenwolf - B.B.S. Concerts Company (Much Bands...Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Status Quo...and so on...)

I manage/perform in several Rockshoppe tribute bands. One of which I am the drummer so I know the role very well. It was never as fun as guitar or a lead role. Well it is now with the new D3 drums. The animations are awesome and fun to use. It's easy to combine them for a realistic and energetic looking performance. Prims are always a concern and the new drums use far less which was a welcome surprise. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our shows. Your new drums were an instant "must have".  Thanks for all you do in helping sl rock!

Casey Zapedzki

I love the new drums, the transtion between animations is smoother and I love the new animation that lets me stand and drum. Also  the new spins and the variation of colors on the lights are much appreciated.  I would recommend these new drums with enthusiasm.
--David Breen, drummer for Freedom Productions

From a stage builder's point of view, the smaller size of this drumset makes it easier to fit on the stage. The D3 combines the  compactness of the Monster with the capacity of the Titan., making it easier to build a stage to accomodate it. One does not  have to push the drum set so far back due to its bulk, and  the lower prim count makes it superior to any other drumset released in SL.

Quentin Lovenkraft,  owner and stage builder, Freedom Productions   http://www.freedomproductionsonline.com

A  new world opens when using the new D3 Drums..the long waiting was all worth..all complements to you Ortho and your team ;)  I would recommend to switch asap,

LittleDenise Wardark "Drumbeast'  from Supremacy